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RAMBLERemote Authoring of Mobile Blogs for Learning Environments (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
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While it may seem odd at first, the nature and tranquil mountain temple environment blends surprisingly well with the modern creative energy that comes to the mountain a few days out of the year for music festivals like the Ramble.
The rambles took place earlier this month and will be broadcast in a special extended edition of the show the Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need on BBC One, 6pm this Sunday, October 29.
The ABF The Soldiers' Charity 10km Run, 10km Walk and 5km Ramble
8 FOODIE RAMBLE, NEW FOREST A perfect hike for those who want a delicious lunch in the middle of their festive ramble.
MEO estimates Ramble On could contain unrisked Prospective Resources of 56 MMstb oil (mean, recoverable).
Already advised Leathems Rumble 4pts win at 7-1 Jolly Ramble 6pts win at 12-1
Outdoor enthusiast Sir Ian Botham is leading a Big Bovril Ramble encouraging people to get up and out during the winter months and learning more about the countryside.
John had decided that he and his family would take part in a sponsored ramble last year to raise funds so that the Shatila camp girls could perform a play at North East venues, which proved to be an outstanding success.
1 : to move about without a goal or purpose : ramble
Centering upon the history and experiences surrounding a long bridge and the river that lazily drifts underneath it, Cross This Bridge At A Walk flows much as river water does, the poetry coalescing into long, free-verse paragraphs that run, ramble, and drift, sometimes open-ended, yet always sparkling with hidden depth.
Hurley was all smiles and one-sentence answers with a crying son on his lap, and Watt just rambled in that way only Watt can ramble.
The stories ramble through Chester's childhood and adulthood, with Parker's unique sense of humor shining through to perfection.