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RAMPReef Assessment and Monitoring Program ( US NOAA)
RAMPReliable Adaptive Multicast Protocol
RAMPRating and Maintenance Phase
RAMPReliability Analysis and Modeling Program
RAMPRam and Processor
RAMPRemote Access Maintenance Protocol
RAMPRural Abandoned Mine Program
RAMPReceptor Activity-Modifying Protein
RAMPRisk Avoidance and Mitigation Program (USDA)
RAMPRapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts
RAMPResearch Activityflow and Middleware Priorities (Australia)
RAMPRisk Analysis and Management for Projects
RAMPRating Maintenance Phase
RAMPRead, Argue, Memorize and Pray
RAMPReliable Adaptive Multicast Protocol (networking)
RAMPRisk Assessment and Management Plan
RAMPRemedial Action Management Program
RAMPResource Allocation Management Program
RAMPRegional Assessment of Mitigation Priorities (California)
RAMPRadar Modernization Project (Canada)
RAMPReliability And Maintainability Program
RAMPRequirements And Management Plan
RAMPRandom Antiterrorism Measures Program (US Army)
RAMPReliability, Availability, Maintainability Program
RAMPRegional Aquifer Management Project
RAMPRoyal Australian Military Police
RAMPReview of Accident Management Programme
RAMPRadar Modification Program
RAMPRadiation Airborne Measurement Program
RAMPRadioactive Material Permit
RAMPReliability and Maintenance Process
RAMPRadar Assessment & Mitigation Program
RAMPRisk Assessment & Mitigation Plan
RAMPReliability, Availability and Maintenance Program (US Army)
RAMPRecoverable Assembly Management Process
RAMPReady Aircraft Maintainer Program
RAMPRealtors Assistance to Members Program
RAMPRPG Application Migration Package (Unisys Corp)
RAMPResonant Acoustic Massage Pool
RAMPRemote Access Mission Planner
RAMPRebuilding Agriculture Markets Program Afghanistan
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The ramp choreographs changing perspectives through the interior, and the arrangement of book stacks on the perimeter contrives to open up the space vertically, so that the building becomes, in effect, an inhabited ramp.
Due to the steep grade, the nose of the helicopters passed very close to the ground as the helicopter was towed backwards up the ramp.
With the help of his sons Yvan and Patrick, Godin and his wife Francoise manufactured the Get-In Ramp in a shop at the rear of their home in Kearns, a former gold mining hamlet near the Quebec border in northeastern Ontario.
The Ramp Project was started in 1992 by Bob Zimmerman, a.
Patrons who entered and/or exited the same entryway were counted each time they used the steps or ramp.
Over 10 years ago, National Ramp was formed to fulfill a real need in the modular ramp industry.
4 million project began September 4, 2012, to build an exit ramp westbound on Highway 1 to northbound on Highway 46.
The study is looking for wheelchair users age 18 or older who have had an accident on a public bus ramp within the last three years.
The ramp side areas are just thin sheet metal, so anything that gets caught there will punch a hole through the ramp and likely destroy a portion of the airframe.
The Deluxe Ramp is available in a 10 tonne capacity and is ideally suited for medium duty applications, such as continual use on a single shift basis.