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In Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, we see the reaction against the exuberance and irregularity of that prose, no longer justified by power, but cognizable rather as bad taste.
Reaction mounted from the crew to the captain himself, and certainly, had it not been for the resolute determination on the part of Captain Farragut, the frigate would have headed due southward.
Our impulses are not patent to a casual observation, but are only to be discovered by a scientific study of our actions, in the course of which we must regard ourselves as objectively as we should the motions of the planets or the chemical reactions of a new element.
We do not say so, because we can account for the behaviour of water by the laws of physics; and if we knew more about animals, we might equally cease to attribute desires to them, since we might find physical and chemical reactions sufficient to account for their behaviour.
The reaction from the state of fear he had been in had overcome Spider quite as effectually as though he had drawn the fated piece.
The day had been too long, the day's effort too intense, and he was deep in the throes of the reaction.
And now, for Jane Porter, the reaction came, and she threw herself upon the bench, sobbing with hysterical laughter.
As if in reaction against the worsening of their position they were all particularly animated and gay.
I seemed able to capture new reactions, new suggestions, and even new rhythms for my paragraphs.
sup][1] Systemic reaction incidence to Hymenoptera stings in beekeepers is as high as 14–43%,[sup][2],[3] sourcing honeybee venom allergy as dominant.
4%) were diagnosed to have lepra reactions and relative prevalence of type 1 and type 2 reaction was 10.
Hypothesis: The reaction conducted on benzaldehydes with electron-donating substituents should result in even larger shifts towards the products of the secondary and tertiary Leuckart reactions.