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RMLRam Manohar Lohia (Indian hospital)
RMLReverse Mortgage Loan (elder finance)
RMLRecommended Maintenance List
RMLResource Manager Layer
RMLResidential Mortgage Loan
RMLRight Middle Lobe (lungs)
RMLRush Medical Laboratories (Rush University Medical Center; Chicago, IL)
RMLRocky Mountain Laboratories (Golden, CO)
RMLRay Mallock, Ltd. (automotive/racing engineering company; UK)
RMLRegional Medical Library (funded by the National Library of Medicine, USA)
RMLRichards Memorial Library (North Attleboro, MA)
RMLRuth Miskin Literacy (education)
RMLRegional or Minority Language (EU)
RMLRecovered Mass Loss
RMLRescue Motor Launch (US Navy)
RMLRead My Lips
RMLRocko's Modern Life (Nickelodeon TV show)
RMLRemind Me Later
RMLRevolution in Military Logistics
RMLRegional Medical Laboratory (Tulsa, OK)
RMLRifled Muzzle Loading (gun)
RMLRainbowfish Mailing List
RMLRadio Mont Liban (French: Mount Lebanon Radio; radio station; Beirut, Lebanon)
RMLArmenian International Airways (ICAO code)
RMLRule Markup Language
RMLRestricted Maximum Likelihood
RMLRelational Markup Language
RMLResearch Machines Limited
RMLRencontres Musicales en Lorraine (French: Musical Encounters in Lorraine)
RMLRocky Mountain Llamas (Longmont, CO ranch)
RMLRelative Movement Line (navigation)
RMLRadioactive Material Loss
RMLRadio Metallurgical Laboratory
RMLRandom Microlenticular
RMLRadiating Matched Load
RMLRemember My Love
RMLRoad-Mobile Launcher
RMLRadar/Radio Microwave Link
RMLRemote Microwave Link
RMLRaynworth Marketing Limited (Switzerland)
RMLRemote Maintenance Loopback (Hekimian)
RMLRefrigerant Moisture Level
RMLRail Mobile Launcher (Strategic Missiles)
RMLRecherche Marketing en Ligne (French: Online Marketing Research)
RMLRiver Management Line (environmental management)
RMLRiskMetrics Markup Language (RiskMetrics Group)
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Read My Lips: What It Takes to Build a World-Class Homegrown Brand will soon be available in bookstores nationwide for P450.
That "read my lips" line is said to have cost Bush the 1992 election against Bill Clinton and the long list of broken promises and shameless U-turns by our own dear leaders should make us think in 2015.
The most comparable title in a typical research library would be the classic Our Bodies Ourselves, but Read My Lips focuses more on a specific area of the body.
The thriller Sur mes lAvres (Read My Lips), will be screened at 7.30pm tonight.
Read my lips: Last week, we mentioned some news reports saying an "ambassador" or a "diplomat" from a neighboring country had been arrested arriving at the airport with explosives.
JOHN McCAIN didn't say ''read my lips,'' but he might as well have.
They include Jacques Audiard's "Read My Lips," Rachid Bouchareb's "Little Senegal" and, more recently, Rodrigo Moreno's "El Custodio."
A CAREER in politics surely awaits Palermo president Mauro Zamparini after a shameful U-turn last week that rivalled even George "Read My Lips" Bush Snr.
Once in office, the Republican president adopted these Dukakis proposals and even reversed positions on his famous "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge as he arm-twisted fellow GOP members in Congress to promote the huge boost in taxes.
It's the ones that are not fulfilled, particularly those made in extravagant language, that feed "the public misperception that breaking political promises is routine." Remember "read my lips"?
"Read my lips," said Dein to a handful of stunned Spanish football reporters at breakfast in Nyon on Friday, "Thierry Henry is not and will not be for sale at any price.
The group was variable up until after we made the posters for "Nine Days of Protest" that included Read My Lips [1988].