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Bates Research and Engineering Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was engaged by the Brookhaven laboratory to design readout electronics for an upgrade to the detector system of the STAR experiment at the RHIC (sidebar).
2) In the readout circuits, a level shift function is simultaneously achieved by a capacitive coupling through the PMOS capacitors, allowing adjustment of the signal dynamic range between the column CDS circuits and the PGA and the ADC.
most of the detector current is fed to the readout circuit even for low impedance detectors (Hewitt, M.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and four EDR readout units and supporting software to Transport Canada.
The company further noted that the QC300 Digital Readout increases measuring throughput and can help reduce operator error.
The clear temperature readout provided by Azonic Solutions Tempscan thermometer indicators has proven a hit with Turners (Soham).
The VUE LCD readout is an entry-level solution for manual machine tool applications.
A transmitter at the encoder sends data to a receiver connected to the digital readout at the remote location.
The plug-in 1/4-DIN modules feature large LED readout, plus separate LCD display to allow calibration and mode changes.
a developer of software and digital readout devices for metrology applications, offers a readout system that combines multiple video measuring functions in a compact display unit.
Talk about minimalist--the Wood Block LED clock ($194) looks like a simple block of wood, but an LED readout glows through the front to project the current time.
The Model DM10 is a loop-powered LCD readout meter, which can be inserted anywhere in the flow meter's 4-20 mA output loop.