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READSReal Estate Advisory and Development Services (Metuchen, NJ)
READSRace Equality and Diversity Service (UK)
READSReading Evaluation and Diagnostic System (teaching publication; Rigby)
READSRegional eBook and Audiobook Download System
READSRequirements Entry Allocation Decomposition System
READSReno Air Defense Sector
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Also I am sending you a book of stories; some of which I have read myself, particularly one called "The Cloak.
There are the stars, and they who can may read them.
It may be translated into every language, and not only be read but actually breathed from all human lips; -- not be represented on canvas or in marble only, but be carved out of the breath of life itself.
For the language is so simple and clear that it is a book that you can easily read, though there are some parts that you will not understand or like and which you need not read yet.
But of all the books of which we have spoken this is the first which you could read in the very words in which it was written down.
But he kept his affection for certain poets of the graver, not to say gloomier sort, and he must have suffered his children to read them, pending that great question of their souls' salvation which was a lifelong trouble to him.
Ever since I can remember, the works of Swedenborg formed a large part of his library; he read them much himself, and much to my mother, and occasionally a "Memorable Relation" from them to us children.
I cannot understand how that can be, for in truth to my mind there is no better reading in the world, and I have here two or three of them, with other writings that are the very life, not only of myself but of plenty more; for when it is harvest-time, the reapers flock here on holidays, and there is always one among them who can read and who takes up one of these books, and we gather round him, thirty or more of us, and stay listening to him with a delight that makes our grey hairs grow young again.
When the curate read the two first titles he looked over at the barber and said, "We want my friend's housekeeper and niece here now.
He began to read the page before and the page after each engraving to find out what it was about, and soon he lost all interest in his toys.
He read on steadily, until he had reached the end of the Second Act.
She laughed contemptuously and took up her book again; but now she was definitely unable to follow what she read.