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REBRebounds (basketball)
REBResearch Ethics Board
REBRevised English Bible
REBRural Electrification Board (Bangladesh)
REBRegulerende Energie Belasting (Dutch: Regulatory Energy Tax)
REBRelativistic Electron Beam
REBRéacteur À Eau Bouillante (French: Boiling Water Reactor; nuclear power)
REBRadiation Epidemiology Branch
REBRussian Export Blend (crude oil)
REBBeaked Redfish
REBRelocatable Equipment Building
REBRoyal Exhibition Buildings (Melbourne, Australia)
REBRe-Entry Body
REBResearch Earth Borer
REBRadio Equipment Box
REBReference Entry Balance (accounting)
REBRandom Error Budget
REBReiger Erasure Bound
REBRochette Emballages Bois (French: Rochette Wood Packaging)
References in classic literature ?
But, he reflected, the bell might easily rebound from the wall and strike him; so he shifted his position to the steeple-door.
The next moment, close to the net, I saw a ball rebound in mid-air and empty space, and at the same instant, a score of feet away, Paul Tichlorne emitted a rainbow flash.
Aware of her enemy, Lady Tippins tries a youthful sally or two, and tries the eye- glass; but, from the impenetrable cap and snorting armour of the stoney aunt all weapons rebound powerless.
Mata and Mbah a Moute combined for 15 points and 15 rebounds.
She also added that in the past few seasons, the Hawks have struggled with improving on many of the fundamentals of the game, including grabbing rebounds and cutting down on turnovers.
Now that your players know the two areas where most rebounds occur, they will feel more confident about being in the right place at the right time.
Rebounds in blood lead levels have been reported after succimer treatment in nonhuman primates (Smith et al.
STI duration and design are discrepant: in particular, the triggers for re-initiating therapy (predetermined schedule, viral load rebound, or drop in CD4 T cell count).
Ade Dagunduro led AVC (26-4, 10-1) with 24 points and 13 rebounds.
The coach can change the shot distances and angles to vary the rebounds.
Patients who experienced rebounds in these arms were allowed to return to the induction three-drug combination once their viral loads exceeded 200 copies/mL.
His consistency shouldn't come as a big surprise considering he's been a starter for Village Christian since his sophomore season, when he averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds.