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RECAPRisk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality)
RECAPCapital Replacement
RECAPRegional Economic Community Action Program (New York state)
RECAPReconfigurable Aperture
RECAPReview & Command Assessment of Projects
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The following discussion on the climate of the southern parts of the continent with relation to its productions, on the snow-line, on the extraordinarily low descent of the glaciers, and on the zone of perpetual congelation in the antarctic islands, may be passed over by any one not interested in these curious subjects, or the final recapitulation alone may be read.
Research in human embryology shows that Haeckel's theory of recapitulation is incorrect.
For Beethoven, the move from dominant to tonic at the recapitulation of a sonata movement was not trivial but necessary.
These achievements are documented in the recent publication "An overview of Swiss disaster risk reduction Programme 2007-2011", which provides a recapitulation of Swiss Disaster Risk Reduction projects of the past 5 years in Kyrgyzstan.
The ten year anniversary from the signing of the Framework Agreement is truly a good opportunity for recapitulation what next and how, following a turbulent period which, fortunately, is drawing to an end, professor Dimitar Mircev concludes for Dnevnik.
In the end these experiments led to his writing of a recapitulation that neither uses the primary theme nor is in the tonic (the Quartett-Satz, D.
It has now been expanded into a fuller sonata form movement, with a new development section and added recapitulation in a higher key.
The most clearly marked and frequently analyzed example occurs in the recapitulation in 5,1,1-2, where its position alone, precisely at the start of the second half of the novel, (25) is reason enough to pay close attention, but its clear imitation of the recapitulations that head most of the books of the Anabasis demands that we do so.
Although the temperature cooled in the development, the mercury rose again as the recapitulation got under way.
The book is a recapitulation of the ominous lines which were headlined in national dailies but got lost in the exuberance between the opening and closing ceremonies.
Organ-specific extracellular matrices, properly prepared, are serving more and more as the appropriate structural scaffold for the recapitulation of a specific organ's tissues.
In this recapitulation of the universes evolutionary thrustand humanitys part in itHoward Bloom proves to be a provocative even an inspiring thinker.