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RECASTResearch Centre for Applied Science and Technology (Tribhuvan University; Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal)
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* Consolidated adjusted earnings per diluted share of $1.66, up 11 percent versus recast Q2 '18
He claims the greatest insult the government has given the people is the recent recast budget in which US$ 500,000 is allotted to the office of First Lady Clar Weah, and that same amount to the JFK Hospital, a major referral hospital in the country.
One of the primary challenges is that a recast offer cannot actually be created until the six-year incentive has been paid by the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).
Furthermore at the end of each discharge the remaining in the crater is re-solidified which is called the recast layer or white layer.
In accordance with Article 4(1) of the RoHS recast (1) Member States shall ensure that electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market, including cables and spare parts for its repair, its reuse, updating of its functionalities or upgrading of its capacity, does not contain the restricted substances beyond the thresholds set in Annex II of RoHS recast.
"We started to take a look at Puerto Rico in 2009 because of the island's heavy reliance on imported fuel to create energy and because there was no beneficial use for the substantial supply of vegetative biomass," said Brandon Ogilvie, Recast Energy's chief financial officer;
The recast aims to provide clarity on many of the vague definitions from the original directive, as well as specific enter-into force dates on categories 8 and 9.
Revenues for the quarter were USD1.99m, relatively flat as compared to USD2.003m in the recast third quarter of fiscal year 2010.
The present study, designed as a longitudinal single-subject study with two participants, contributes to this research base, investigating one particular form of written corrective feedback-focused recast. During seven weeks thirteen written texts of each participant (first three served as a pre-test, the last one as a post-test) were given feedback in the form of focused recasts and then analysed for errors.
He said there was a strong case for duties to be "recast" in favour of the local boozer to help save them from closure.
Optimists are thin on the ground now, with regard to this year at least, as council recast the number of homes they hope to build, rejig promised cuts in unemployment and recast predictions for new business starts.
A recast partnership?; institutional dimensions of transatlantic relations.