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RECLAIMRegional Clean Air Incentives Market
RECLAIMReading Council for Literacy Advance in Montreal (Canada; est. 1980)
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Curing characteristics and tensile properties before and after aging of such rubber compounds containing reclaim rubber have been studied.
And the reclaim level can be lower since scrap rates are as low as 2% in some months.
Fiesta organizers hope to reclaim public spaces that in recent years have been occupied by violent gangs in the barrios.
The RECLAIM program is not working and smog is getting worse,'' said Steve Kuhn, legal director for Communities for a Better Environment, pointing out that this year's smog in the Los Angeles Basin was at its highest level in six years.
RECLAIM is a funding initiative that encourages courts to develop or purchase a range of community-based options to meet the needs of juvenile offenders.
Vincent St Claire, KeyFleets managing director, says: "Companies that reimburse their drivers after they fill up at petrol stations will not be able to reclaim the VAT on these purchases if our tax rules change.
Read together, UCC Sections 2-507 and 2-511 implicitly permit a cash seller to reclaim its goods upon dishonor of the buyer's check tendered in payment for the goods.
While it is imperative to constantly explore new techniques and opportunities in mature facilities, the reclaim and reuse of water is a relatively new untapped potential.
Those demands are part of a planned extension of Southern California's RECLAIM (Regional Clean Air Incentives Market) program, one of the new breed of emissions-rights-trading programs.
And it's cheaper than what's being done today to reclaim most strip-mined lands.
Industry leaders like Inco, Falconbridge and Rio Algom are taking great efforts to detoxify and reclaim their environmental waste sites.
Programs to reclaim wastewater for reuse have been in effect for more than three decades, with treated wastewater widely used in many areas for irrigation, cooling water for industrial plants and various construction activities such as mixing concrete and other purposes.