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Announcing the reclassification, MSCI noted that Kuwait's Market Development Project has set the path for the seamless implementation of numerous regulatory and operational enhancements in the Kuwaiti equity market.
These enhancements have significantly increased the accessibility level of the Kuwaiti equity market for international institutional investors and resulted in broad positive feedback from these investors on the MSCI reclassification proposal.
Prior to its reclassification, the Clark IE5 has been declared as a logistics center based on Executive Order No.
In his calculation, there are still approximately 19,000 hectares of agricultural land available for reclassification.
Reclassification of land is a complicated process,' Guevarra stressed.
Furthermore, the reclassification rights system defeats the purpose of bringing down the retail prices of sugar as it instantly puts a mark-up on the imported sweetener, according to Pinol.
Following this reclassification, each share in Kinnevik (irrespective of share class) will carry an entitlement to approximately 0.05 class B shares in MTG, corresponding to an extraordinary dividend per share in Kinnevik of SEK18.0 (based on the MTG class B share price as at 13 June 2018).
"The reclassification of MSMEs would go a long way to increase their share in GDP significantly to the level of 50 percent in the coming times," said Anil Khaitan.
Reclassification gives us the opportunity to develop science-based management strategies that will effectively and measurably protect manatees, while allowing people the responsible (and enjoyable!) use of Florida's waterways.
The district court found the statutory language ambiguous as to whether hospitals seeking reclassification as rural providers must be treated by the Secretary as rural when applying for reclassification.
Moreover, the reclassification to is likely to raise the bar in terms of corporate governance in Pakistan.
Reclassification - the legal term for it - doesn't happen with the wave of a magic wand.