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The reclassification, expansion and upgrades to the area will ensure the needs of park users are met and ecosystems are preserved and protected so this jewel is available for our future generations to enjoy.
Fernando said that although technology keeps on advancing and the province is on a steady path to progress, too much land reclassification might cause hunger in the long run.
The district court found the statutory language ambiguous as to whether hospitals seeking reclassification as rural providers must be treated by the Secretary as rural when applying for reclassification.
Of this group, 233 involved reclassification of the tumor grade and 234 involved volume reclassification.
20 at diagnosis was associated with future disease reclassification (p < 0.
Reserve balances held at the Federal Reserve Bank earn minimal interest, and by reclaiming those funds through Deposit Reclassification, credit unions have the opportunity to reinvest for a higher yield in mortgage and consumer loans.
That is, under either of the two methods entities could use to report Cl, they were also required to present reclassification adjustments out of Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (AOCI) by component, in both the statement where net income is presented and the statement where comprehensive income is presented.
The immediate expected benefit of reclassification will result from an anticipated increase in portfolio flows with the entry of foreign institutional investors and passive or index-tracking investors that will have to rebalance their portfolios to include Qatar and the UAE.
3 per cent weighting and their reclassification will proportionately increase the exposure to the long-term growth potential of markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as other markets in the Middle East such as Kuwait and Oman.
Councillors are now demanding the ministry extend the reclassification zone by 70m to cover the households affected.
We think that this move [Marlboro reclassification from high tier to low tier] will have a negative impact on government revenues," Lafferty said, referring to the significant growth in sin tax revenues following the enactment of Republic Act 10351 in January this year.
Net reclassification improvement (reclassification according to predefined risk categories) also showed substantial improvement following the addition of ST2.