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RCLRRecoilless Rifle
RCLRRutgers Center for Lipid Research (New Brunswick, NJ)
RCLRReceive Count Limit Register (computing)
RCLRRight Cardiac Lobe Resection (cardiothoraic surgery)
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Despite these foreseen discussions over translation differences, when combining two sets of text, a reconciler faces a challenging and often error-prone task, especially given that independent translations of single items are frequently not identical.
We must come together to build the country, and since the people loudly gave you a mandate, the duty of reconciler falls on your head.
As individuals, we must adopt the decolonized, reconciler mindset.
Yet in many parts of the world--including those most prone to insurgency--the state is not a detached reconciler using a rule set that does not favor any one segment of the society.
If 'tis hard for a man to bear his own good luck, 'tis harder still for his friends to bear it for him; and but few of them ordinarily can stand that trial: whereas one of the "precious uses" of adversity is, that it is a great reconciler; that it brings back averted kindness, disarms animosity, and causes yesterday's enemy to fling his hatred aside, and hold out a hand to the fallen friend of old days.
There are calls in India for Modi to take a more active role encouraging bridges between Riyadh and Tehran, but New Delhi is probably not ready to don the mantle of a regional reconciler, especially when other major powers are taking a cautious approach.
A friend of mine, who has made a career of home remodeling and roofing, just started a well-paying job as an online insurance-claims reconciler. Because of broadband Internet, that family is moving closer to its dream of living full time in a cabin 40 miles from the nearest town.
Yes, Jesus Christ is the supreme Peacemaker of human history, the Reconciler of human hearts, the Liberator of humanity, the Redeemer of man.
He is not afraid of dividing and polarizing the nation, yet he presents himself as the great reconciler. He invents enemies to attack and continues to victimize more groups in Turkey, yet he claims to have reached out to everybody in the country and embraced them.
For instance the media wants to concentrate on Mandela the great reconciler, on Mandela''s lack of bitterness after spending 27 years in captivity and of how he united South Africa.