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To enhance Dubai's historical status on the world cultural map, it was decided to reconstruct the most important buildings that were demolished in Shindagha.
To capture that outlook, however, Isaac also reconstructs Carter's social environment, especially the lives of his adult children and his slaves, with a richness and deftness quite worthy the attention of social historians.
Malls: LMDC funding will be used to reconstruct the center plots along Allen Street and Pike Street, which are in poor condition.
Other requirements include good energy resolution (<5 keV), a thin dead layer to allow observation of 30-keV protons, fast timing resolution (~1 ns) to reconstruct electron-backscattering events, and nearly unity efficiency.
Revision surgery is typically undertaken 1 year later to check for residual disease and to reconstruct the ossicular mechanism.
Although difficult to reconstruct, it is very dusty, and has a poor recycling value in light of paper fiber damage.
Saygin's study begins with the death of Henry V, so there is no speculation on or attempt to reconstruct the duke's education.
Now, according to the New York Times, the German government may reconstruct the contents of those 16,000 bags.
Mobbs, a defense department attorney and former official with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, will help reconstruct Iraq's legal system.
The court permitted the IRS to restore the taxpayer's LIFO reserve to income without terminating its LIFO election, because the taxpayer was unable to reconstruct the corrected reserve amount or provide evidence from which an estimate could be made.
Because African American novelist and film-maker Micheaux's writings and film productions (of which only one-third are extant) were primarily centered on the Western Prairie, Bowser and Spence had to reconstruct his works from the point of view of a black homesteader positioned outside of the literary canon of those affiliated with the Harlem Renaissance.
Local limestone was used to reconstruct walls around the site and another local stone, dark and hard, paves the main footpaths.