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At sunset in the village of Che-Kao* I sought for shelter; on my heels there trod A grim recruiting sergeant, of the kind That seize their prey by night.
I have to take the Chair at a recruiting meeting at Holborn in a quarter of an hour.
His partner was on board, vigorous and hearty from six weeks' recruiting on Malaita.
Also, his young men were too frightened to sign on with the recruiting vessels.
These books excited little Robert so much that if ever a recruiting sergeant came to his village, he would strut up and down in raptures after the drum and bagpipe, and long to be tall enough to be a soldier.
We amuse ourselves for a bit by recruiting and repairing our frames, for we really were much fatigued by the campaign.
At the appointed time the parties all assembled, when the messenger returning brought word, that Jenny was not to be found; for that she had left her habitation a few days before, in company with a recruiting officer.
Emmy had passed blushing through the room anon, where all sorts of people were collected; Tyrolese glove-sellers and Danubian linen-merchants, with their packs; students recruiting themselves with butterbrods and meat; idlers, playing cards or dominoes on the sloppy, beery tables; tumblers refreshing during the cessation of their performances--in a word, all the fumum and strepitus of a German inn in fair time.
It's much the same thing, whatever regiment he's recruiting for.
Giles, Brittles, and the tinker, were recruiting themselves, after the fatigues and terrors of the night, with tea and sundries, in the kitchen.
The Soledad Canyon Road recruiting center has been doubled in size, giving each military branch its own office and distinct decor instead of sharing one nondescript space.
Every recruit will get a prospect letter from our recruiting coordinator, Steve Tapley.