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Other employers don't try to recruit people to go to war,'' said Gail Anderson, chief of advertising and public affairs for the Army recruiting battalion in Los Angeles.
Our recruiting coordinator creates a master calendar in early June for our mail-flow.
Let's look at three companies in the local recruiting market who are known for their professionalism and yet also have a unique identity and vision providing the extra "spark" that attracts the best candidates.
This is a result of the job market and ADM increasing its presence through a variety of recruiting channels.
Ninety-one percent of top companies use corporate Web sites for recruiting (iLogos Research 2002).
The integration of music throughout the Enhanced CD reflects the Army's strategic application of music in events, media and other recruiting efforts.
By paying attention to the recruit's initial needs, agencies can benefit twofold by increasing the retention of the employees and ultimately saving the department immeasurable recruiting and training costs.
The physicians do not have a substantial influence over the affairs of the hospital recruiting them.
Debbe Evans is Senior Physician Relations Coordinator at PHP and is part of an internal recruiting staff that has doubled to four full-time recruiters and two full-time assistants over the past two years to keep up with the organization's growing recruitment demands.
Ames first tried his hand at recruiting in Turkey in 1971.
Founded in 1957, Richard Clarke is one of the oldest black-owned recruiting firms.