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PROCTO-Rectum (Prefix)
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Medical experts of the hospital where Akmal was taken claim the teenager may have swallowed eggs as a whole or it may have been pushed up his rectum.
Imphal (Manipur) [India] Feb 5 ( ANI ): A man was arrested at Imphal airport with four gold biscuits, which were concealed in his rectum.
According to the company, the ProSpace is a novel, biodegradable polymer balloon spacer designed to safely and temporarily separate the rectum from the prostate during prostate cancer radiation therapy.
Additionally, the company believes ProSpace could be used to spare the rectum in hundreds of thousands of patients who are undergoing prostate cancer radiotherapy every year.
5] Further, as described in the previous studies, there is difference in the contractile activity of colon and rectum of adult and neonate rats.
Brachytherapy also may not be appropriate if you cannot tolerate general or spinal anesthesia or if you've had your rectum removed due to rectal cancer, Dr.
For example, you may have internal hemorrhoids that remain in your rectum or that protrude (prolapse) outside your anus but then go back into your rectum.
The abdominal X-ray showed a great number of intensive shadows in the area of the ascending colon and the rectum (Figure 1).
After the insertion of applicator, anteroposterior and lateral (AP/LAT) view of digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs) were taken to content the rectum and bladder (organs at risk, or OARs).
In an ILEOSTOMY, the entire colon and rectum are removed and a stoma is created to allow the small intestine to expel faeces into a disposable bag.
According to the custom departments, female carriers hiding huge amounts of cash in their rectum is unusual.
SpaceOAR hydrogel is the first FDA-cleared spacing device to protect the rectum in men undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer.