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The goal is to have 90 percent of its revenue from recurring sources by 2020.
With a minimum tenor of 12 months and a maximum of five years, the Recurring Deposits account is particularly ideal for customers that are planning to practice financial discipline, receive guaranteed returns, and gain high interest rate on their savings.
GoodData reported it is joining the Recurring Revenue Alliance, a strategic initiative led by ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV).
Also, services activities are expected to deliver a recurring EBITDA margin of between 11% and 15%.
3) The liability is recurring in nature and the taxpayer consistently treats the item as incurred in years where the all events test is met; and
Sarah Clarke (who played Nina the whack-happy mole) and Xander Berkeley (Mason), who met and got engaged while working on the show, switch roles: She'll be in a recurring role; he'll be a regular.
disclose recurring issues and compute the adjustments so the team could incorporate them into the Revenue Agents Report
Dawson's Creek (The WB) Regular gay character Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) Recurring gay character Ethan (Adam Kaufman), Jack's platonic pal,
Scientists have suspected that these recurring emissions, known as soft gamma-ray repeaters because they have lower energy than the standard bursts, might stem from the activity of neutron stars.