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RJFRaymond James Financial, Inc. (St. Petersburg, FL)
RJFRed Jungle Fowl
RJFReichsbund Jüdischer Frontsoldaten (organization of German Jewish veterans of WWI)
RJFRevue de Jurisprudence Fiscale (French: Journal of Tax Cases)
RJFRansomes Jacobsen France (French turf equipment distributor)
RJFReformation and Jihad Front (Sunni insurgent coalition)
RJFReims Jazz Festival (France)
RJFRobert J. Farrell (business coach)
RJFRaymond J. Fisher Middle School (California)
RJFRolling-Joint Foot (prosthetics)
RJFReverse Jet Filter
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One subspecies of the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus gallus) suffices as the matriarchic ancestor of all domestic breeds.
Histomorphology of the stomach, proventriculus and ventriculus of the red jungle fowl. Anat.
The stock is of the jungle fowl species (the red jungle fowl G.
Recently my coworkers and I have begun to look at immune function, sexually selected characters, and testosterone in Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus), the ancestors of domestic chickens.
We found that genetic variability was higher among native chicken populations than in Red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus bankiva) and Green jungle fowl (Gallus varius).
AKRAM S, MUHAMMAD S A, MAQSOOD A, USMAN A, NAEEM I D.,2010.Population Status and Distribution Pattern of Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus murghi) in Deva Vatala National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan: A Pioneer Study.
Mechanism of female choice in red jungle fowl. Evolution 44:477-485.
Red Jungle Fowl seem to have pushed back into densely vegetated areas of the park mainly to avoid disturbance by local hunters, shepherds and grass cutters.
One can find huge flocks of pelicans, rose-ringed parakeets apart from crested serpent eagles, grey-headed fishing eagles, red jungle fowl, Bengal floricabs, bar-headed geese, whistling teals and swamp partridges.
In the wild, the ancestor of the chicken - the Red Jungle Fowl - needs a mixture of open ground and cover, safe roosting and nests, food, water, dust- bathing facilities and no more than one cockerel to six or eight hens.
Many studies have suggested that the Southeast Asian red jungle fowl is the common ancestor of all chickens (Crawford 1990; Akishononomiya et al., 1994, 1996; Dundes, 1994).
ABSTRACT : The carcass characteristics and composition of both male and female commercial broiler chickens (CB) and the red jungle fowl (RJF) were compared at a common body weight of 800 [+ or -] 25.6 g.