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REDUCERisk Education to Decrease Ulcer Complications and Their Effects from NSAIDs
REDUCEResearch and Education to Decrease Unnecessary Cesarean (American College of Nurse-Midwives; Silver Spring, MD)
REDUCERapid Early Development Unit Cost Estimation
REDUCERestrict and Eliminate Delivery of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Act
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Capital projects, other than schools, more than $30,000,000 must be designed and constructed so as to reduce energy cost by a minimum of twenty-five percent.
Synergistic effects reduce melt temperatures and increase melt flow index for faster cycle times at lower temperatures.
Another way to reduce the impact of school bus emissions is to reduce idling time.
GLPF and WWW worked together to successfully test and implement a plan to reduce the operational costs of five Poseidon DAF systems.
This reduces the deflection of a tire and decreases rolling resistance, and thus improves fuel economy and reduces polluting exhaust emissions.
This flexibility enables IT managers to use the same system for both mission-critical and business-critical applications, and reduces data center complexity by standardizing on one storage system for all applications.
New Product Development, "The steering column moves in the same path as the driver, which increases its ability to absorb energy from the torso, the pedals move away in a controlled manner to reduce foot injuries, and the knee bolster's path aligns with the trajectory of the driver's knees." This also adds interior room because the bolster doesn't need the padded "hump" currently required by non-active designs to control knee displacement in a frontal crash.
The ladles are designed with a flexliner to ensure reduced time and energy requirements to obtain molten temperature in the holding furnaces and reduce thermal head temperatures.
Proponents have been working for 20 years to reduce the particulate and gas emissions that contribute to smog, he says.
NASA aims to develop the technology to reduce commercial aircraft noise by 10 EPNdB by 2007 and another 10 EPNdB by 2019.
Clear Skies requires utilities to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury by about 70 percent by 2018.
The team brainstormed alternative designs and fabrication technologies to aggressively reduce the number of separate piece parts in the seeker optics assembly.