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RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computing
RISCResearch Institute for Symbolic Computation (Linz, Austria)
RISCRNA Induced Silencing Complex (ribonucleoprotein complex involved in mRNA degradation)
RISCRetail Installment Sales Contract
RISCReduced Instruction Set Code
RISCRegional Interagency Steering Committee (FEMA/Federal Response Plan)
RISCRegulatory Information Service Center (OMB)
RISCRhode Island Supreme Court (judiciary)
RISCRisk Information Support Center
RISCResponsible Internet Service Companies
RISCRisk Information Sharing Consortium (National League of Cities)
RISCRadiology Information System Consortium
RISCResearch Group on Instability in Coronary Artery Disease
RISCRegional Intelligence Support Center
RISCReduced Instruction Set Class
RISCRisk Institute for the Support of Communication
RISCRepository for Individuals of Special Concern (US FBI)
RISCRural Industries Service Centre (India)
RISCRunway Incursion Severity Classification (ICAO)
RISCRestraint Information System Collection (Pennsylvania Department of Education)
RISCRaffles Institution Science Club (Raffles Institution; Singapore)
RISCRhode Island Striper Club
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Although PowerPC--the creation of Apple, Motorola and IBM efforts--has failed to take hold of the consumer market the way Pentium has, its backers maintain that PowerPC is a superior processor, built largely on its RISC (reduced instruction set computing) technology, which essentially requires fewer programming steps compared with the CISC (complex instruction set computing) technology of Pentium.
A database application can be scaled from a single-processor, Intel-architecture server to a Unix-based RISC (reduced instruction set computing) machine or even a multiprocessor supercomputer.
Reduced instruction set computing, or RISC, combined with improved device technology, allows us to provide 50 to 75 percent more performance for a dollar's worth of computer every year.
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