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RAARussian Academy of Arts (est. 1757)
RAARegional Airport Authority (Kentucky)
RAARegional Airline Association
RAARoyal Automobile Association (South Australia)
RAARecueil des Actes Administratifs (French: Reports of Administrative Proceedings; various organizations)
RAARural Alberta Advantage (band)
RAARichmond Ambulance Authority
RAARockport Art Association (Massachusetts)
RAAReinsurance Association of America
RAARhône-Alpes Auvergne (French region)
RAAResource Allocation Answer
RAARegistrar Accreditation Agreement
RAARépertoire d'Art et d'Archéologie (French: Directory of Art and Archaeology)
RAAReflexology Association of America
RAAResidential Accredited Appraiser (National Association of Realtors)
RAARoyal Australian Artillery
RAARhumatisme Articulaire Aigu (French: Acute Articular Rheumatism)
RAARight Atrial Appendage
RAARenin Angiotensin Aldosterone
RAARedwood Art Association (Eureka, CA)
RAARegistered Athletic Administrator (various organizations)
RAARecycle Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI)
RAAReductio Ad Absurdum (indirect mathematical proof by contradiction)
RAARecreation and Amusement Association (Japan; WWII)
RAARequest for Allocation Advice (US FEMA)
RAAReeve Aleutian Airways
RAARadiological Accident Assessment (US FEMA)
RAARoot Addressable Area
RAARecycle America Alliance
RAARégiment d'Artillerie d'Afrique (French: Artillery Regiment of Africa; French Army)
RAARoyal Artillery Association
RAAReal Access Alliance (National Association of Industrial and Office Properties)
RAARomanian Angel Appeal Foundation (Bucharest, Romania children's aid organization)
RAAResponsibility, Accountability, and Authority
RAARedeployment Assembly Area
RAAResource Allocation Answer (response to Resource Allocation Request)
RAARear Assembly Area
RAARobot-Assisted Activity (physical support)
RAARetained Asset Account (insurance)
RAAResearch Across America (various locations)
RAARandom Access Algorithm
RAARestricted Access Area
RAARequired Asset Availability
RAARelease Application Aborts
RAARight Atrial Abnormality
RAARegional Application Administrator
RAAReconnaissance Avenue of Approach
RAARegion Administrative Assistant
RAARemote Access Agent (Digital Lightwave)
RAARequest for Alternative Approval
RAAReservation Aloha Algorithm
RAARemote Advisory Airport
RAAReconfigurable-Aperture Antenna
RAARigid-Atom Approximation
RAARiyadh Alumni Association
RAAResearch Associate in Anthropology
RAARequest for Airborne Assets
RAARailways Athletic Association
RAAReceiving Antenna Array
RAARisk Acknowledgement Agreement (online trading)
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The problem is that the fact that the trend disappears does not involve that individuals acquire the logical abilities needed to use reasoning strategies such as that related to Reductio ad Absurdum. So, there is an intermediate sophistication level in which individuals do not interpret conditional as biconditional and, therefore, do not make fallacies such as aC and Da.
Really, today's LGBT activists, along with their sycophantic allies (like the frightened little toadies at Reuters) signify the embodiment of reductio ad absurdum. When one objectively contemplates the logical conclusion of each of their "progressive" propositions, one is left contemplating the absurd.
Therefore Mises must have made a mistaken reductio ad absurdum. (4) What would be, then, the right way of negating the time preference principle?
You don't have a "proof; you have a reductio ad absurdum.
However, since Block did not construct a deductive counterargument against the claim that the principle of proportionality is built into the NAP, but instead resorted to an intuitive argument based on a thought experiment, I feel justified in replying with an equally intuition-based reductio ad absurdum. Let us not in any way alter Thomson's original scenario except for one detail: now X can survive by staying attached to Y for just one minute.
Britain, even more than Germany, has been in the vanguard of this austerity movement, as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne demonstrated again in this week's budget statement: "Confronted with tough economic conditions, some say we should abandon our deficit plans, and try to borrow more -- they think that by borrowing more, they can borrow less." For Osborne, this reductio ad absurdum seemed so conclusive that there was no need to justify his controversial economic beliefs.
The reductio ad absurdum of Monaghan's apologists is the case of neoconservative Catholic Michael Novak, who has written in typically saccharine prose of the Founder's divine mission, then accepted a "Distinguished" professorship at the university.
Este silogismo trata de llevar al absurdo (reductio ad absurdum) considerar que las creencias subjetivas de un agente puedan violar el calculo probabilistico (esto es, sus axiomas).
The office lingo for plugging into it is "going to the disability." It is a reductio ad absurdum of the instrumentalization of sexuality, one that was often implied anyway in modernity's pneumatic, mechanical model of human libido--that thing of impulses, blockages, and outlets.
And, if so, why not, reductio ad absurdum, begin monthly mammograms at age 15?
In the end, his is a variation on the poetics of the fragment, in which a reductio ad absurdum only demonstrates the futility of any attempt to construct the "grand narratives" of modernity.
This conclusion was purely a reductio ad absurdum (3), (4) on our part.