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REEFSRadiative Enhancement Effects on Flame Spread
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As we got nearer to the turn of the land the reefs began to be sown here and there on our very path; and Mr.
By this time, now and then sheering to one side or the other to avoid a reef, but still hugging the wind and the land, we had got round Iona and begun to come alongside Mull.
It had reefed. Its high-speed plane-design was now revealed.
When young Winn reefed down so suddenly, he received a surprise.
They walled the confines of their coral reefs and sand-banks with coral-rock stolen from the mainland on dark nights.
Then, in desperation, I abandoned the attempt to reef the mainsail and resolved to try the experiment of heaving to under the close- reefed foresail.
The boat was intended for the purpose of going closer to the reef of rocks than a large vessel could safely venture.
The boat's crew proceeded to the reef of rocks, and rowed round and round it a great many times.
We ran on Glister Reef. So named it was after our pretty little craft discovered it one dark night and left her bones upon it.
Sometimes Strickland would go down to the reef, and come back with a basket of small, coloured fish that Ata would fry in cocoa-nut oil, or with a lobster; and sometimes she would make a savoury dish of the great land-crabs that scuttled away under your feet.
News, as usual, Christian Young brought--news of the drinking at Guvutu, where the men boasted that they drank between drinks; news of the new rifles adrift on Ysabel, of the latest murders on Malaita, of Tom Butler's sickness on Santa Ana; and last and most important, news that the Matambo had gone on a reef in the Shortlands and would be laid off one run for repairs.
"Second, the Martha is on the outside reef at Poonga-Poonga, looted clean of everything portable, and ready to go to pieces with the first bit of lively sea.