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REELSReflection Electron Energy Loss Spectra
REELSReflected Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
REELSReceptive Expressive Emergent Language Scale (child language skills measurement)
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Bait up, Harve," said Dan, diving for a line on the reel.
said the Rector laying down his reels, and putting his thumbs into his armholes with an air of attention.
The loose coils rapidly straightened out in a long dragging line astern, and then, instantly, the reel began to whirl.
And when the King had ridden off she took the little shirts and went into the wood, and the reel showed her the way.
At the end of the reel, Elam Harnish called the house up to drink again.
Additionally, the website offers access to various user services: Reels 101, a guide to educate customers on the purpose of a hose or cable reel, types of reels and how to find the right reel for any unique specifications; Reel Selector, an interactive tool designed to filter through thousands of hose or cable reels with advanced options to find the right series and model to fit any need; and Custom Shop, which introduces the customer to the Hannay Reels process and the custom reel solution.
It also attracted interest and contribution from international artists such as Giuseppe Percivati (Italy), Maurizio Boscheri (Italy) to name a few, who especially flew down to Karachi, Pakistan to paint the cable reels and leave a message for the masses.
The Public Outreach Committee of 'Reel On Hai' aims to make Karachi city look beautiful by creatively transforming the discarded cable reels into pieces of colorful art.
KARACHI -- A launch event was organized by KBT to unveil the Reel provided by Pakistan Cables as part of KBT's public outreach project, "Reel On Hai".
The Smart Reel upgrade is available for existing Radoil on your vessels and new Radoil reels.
Siamese (dual cables up to 24 circuits = 3 cat6) cable reels
Fly reels with cork drags have few parts and are easy to disassemble to access the drag.