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REFReference to
REFReferee (sports)
REFReference (File Name Extension)
REFResearch Excellence Framework (Higher Education Funding Council for England; UK)
REFRoma Education Fund (est. 2005)
REFRéseau des Emetteurs Français (French: Network of French Radio Transmitters; amateur radio club)
REFRapid Equipping Force
REFReview of Environmental Factors
REFRow Echelon Form (matrix mathematics)
REFRestricted Earth Fault
REFReduced Echelon Form (linear algebra)
REFRobotech Expeditionary Forces (Robotech anime)
REFRadio-Engineering Faculty
REFRapid Equipment Fielding (US Army)
REFRadiant Electric Fire
REFResearch Exploration Framework
REFRoseland Education Foundation
REFRarest Element First (algorithm)
REFReal Estate Fund (various organizations)
REFResource Enforcement Function
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Merge eMed's Referring Practice Portal gives instant, secure access to radiology reports, images, patient data, and scheduling information from any internet-connected computer.
Everyone can articulate patient service expectations and the protocol about communication with referring providers and their offices during the entire course of the treatment and the follow-up period
How does this translate into recognition of the referring relationship between the long term care insurance specialist and the referring agent?
Patients who received no CC treatment and those who had undergone one to four cycles of CC treatment were equally likely to return to their referring physicians (55% and 54%, respectively).
Primary: originating in or taken from humans (when referring to cells).
Even if your company doesn't have a formal reward system in place, referring someone who turns out to be a success can still pay off in the long run for you, especially if you're already a stellar performer.
By having the option of referring first-time offenders to Teen Court instead of juvenile court, officers can give youthful wrongdoers a chance to make amends - and help guide them through the process - without saddling them with a juvenile record.
Referring to the secular people of the world, he said, "They just don't get it.
The referring party will want to become familiar with the qualifications of physicians, nursing staff, therapy staff, activities and social service directors as well as the administrative and other professional personnel.
A large telco or broadband provider for example, will refer its customers to Website Experts via a private-label affiliate link that ensures the new site is hosted on the referring partner's hosting service.
Even in large multispecialty groups, there are often significant delays because the referring physician is usually unaware of the appointment openings in the schedule of the physician to whom he or she makes the referral, even though both physicians are members of the same practice group.
Once the deal is closed, Dwelling Quest will provide the referring broker with a substantial commission.