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RFDRural Free Delivery
RFDReference Dose
RFDRequest For Discussion
RFDRedflagdeals.com (website)
RFDRequest For Deviation
RFDReproduction Fertility and Development (journal; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Australia)
RFDReceive Frame Descriptor
RFDRestore Factory Defaults
RFDRandom File Description
RFDRear Flank Downdraft (meteorology)
RFDReady for Decision (various locations)
RFDRetrieve Form for Data Capture
RFDRassemblement des Forces Démocratiques (Rally of Democratic Forces, Mauritania)
RFDRoute Flap Damping (computing)
RFDRegional Field Director (various organizations)
RFDRate of Force Development (biomechanics & kinesiology)
RFDReady For Deployment
RFDRoyal Forestry Department
RFDRural Fire Department
RFDRazorfen Downs (World of Warcraft game)
RFDRegional Food and Drink (brewery; Washington, DC)
RFDRequest for Disbursement (various organizations)
RFDRadio Frequency Detector (various companies)
RFDRochester Fire Department
RFDRegistered Firearms Dealer (UK)
RFDRichmond Fire Department
RFDReserve Forces Duty
RFDRegulation Fair Disclosure (US SEC)
RFDRadio for Development (UK)
RFDReligious Freedom Day
RFDRecreation Facility Development (Canada)
RFDRapid Fielding Directorate (US DoD)
RFDRemote File Disclosure
RFDRed Flag Deals
RFDRockford, IL, USA - Greater Rockford (Airport Code)
RFDReno Fire Department (Reno, Nevada)
RFDRadio Frequency Distribution
RFDRig Floor Display (wireless portable monitor; various companies)
RFDRed Flags Daily
RFDRemote Firing Device (RF device for remote firing/detonation)
RFDReason for Decision
RFDRequest For Documentation
RFDRescue Flotation Device
RFDResearch Flight Deck (NASA simulator)
RFDRegulatory Flood Datum
RFDRegroupement des Forces Démocratiques (French: Rally of Democratic Forces, Mauritania)
RFDRadiofrequency Denervation
RFDRequest for Delivery
RFDRural Farm District
RFDRelieved From Duty
RFDReason for Default (finance)
RFDRadio Firing Device
RFDRedirect for Deletion (Wikimedia Foundation)
RFDReentry Flight Demonstration
RFDRamadan Food Drive (Toronto, Canada)
RFDRequest for Disposition
RFDRevised Framework Directive
RFDRevised for Design
RFDRelease For Delivery
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Requirements: Filers may determine the actual amount of refundable long-distance telephone excise taxes paid for the 41 months from March 2003-July 2006, or use a formula to figure their refunds.
The motion for class certification seeks to certify the class in a manner that will expedite issuance of a judgment relating to taxpayers with valid and fully supported refund claims.
Neither rapid refund loans nor the companies that offer them are regulated by state law.
This does not mean that late filers have an indefinite time to file a refund claim.
The company claimed, among other contentions, that it was denied the right to file for a refund because of the statute of limitations.
Most financial planners recommend that you determine what number of exemptions would make sense based on the average refund you have received.
6511 provides that a claim for refund of an overpayment of tax "shall be filed by the taxpayer within 3 years from the time the return was filed or 2 years from the time the tax was paid, whichever of such periods expires later, or if no return was filed by the taxpayer, within 2 years from the time the tax was paid.
Once the IRS issues a refund, the company should hold the proceeds, giving the IRS time to audit the amendment.
Hungering and thirsting to be made whole, they reached for a refund from the bough of statutory procedure and past practice, only to have it blown out of reach by the State; belatedly told to stoop to drink relief, they discovered the possibility of a refund had long since drained away.
Investment properties sought summary judgement declaring that it is entitled to the refund on the grounds that: (a) the building owner would be unjustly enriched if it received the credit for the savings, and (b) that since the lease is silent as to the question of how the tax refund should be allocated, principals of equity and fairness dictate that the refund should go to Investment Properties, since it paid the taxes.