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The horses are of my own breeding, and relays of them shall take us all the way.
I could not see the slightest chance of escaping them, for they were over-hauling us rapidly now, since they were able to work their paddles in relays, while we three were rapidly wearying beneath the constant strain that had been put upon us.
The village had its one poor street, with its poor brewery, poor tannery, poor tavern, poor stable-yard for relays of post-horses, poor fountain, all usual poor appointments.
I understand," replied Porthos; "she has ordered relays of horses.
This relay allows us to use our fiber-optic capabilities to implement efficient line current differential protection.
200 freestyle relay, 2nd; 400 freestyle relay, tie, 4th; 200 freestyle, 5th; 100 breaststroke, 5th); Jarid McCool, jr.
The American women not only earned gold for their 800 relay effort, they knocked out the last world record held by the drug-tainted East German women's swim team - a time of 7:55.
200 freestyle relay, 4th; 100 freestyle, 7th; 200 freestyle); Amanda Hoffman, jr.
IP Relay is also a free service which enables text-to-speech relay calls from a mobile device or a personal computer to any standard telephone user in the U.
GIRLS: South Eugene - Erika Wirth, 50 freestyle, 100 butterfly; Lindsay Monroe, 200 fresstyle relay.
With senior Peter Fernandez recovering from a pulled hamstring, Valencia has not run a relay at full strength.