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RELRecommended Exposure Limit (NIOSH)
RELRelações Internacionais (Brazil)
RELRights Expression Language
RELRessources Educatives Libres (French: Open Educational Resources)
RELReliance Energy Ltd
RELRelease Message
RELReference Exposure Level
RELRear End Loader (waste container)
RELV-Rel Avian Reticuloendotheliosis Viral Oncogene Homolog
RELRadio Equipment List (Canada)
RELTrelew, Chubut, Argentina (Airport Code)
RELRéticulum Endoplasmique Lisse (French: Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum)
RELAuthorized for Release To ...
RELRassemblement Européen de la Liberté (French: European Gathering of Liberty; political platform)
RELRéacteur à Eau Légère (French: Light Water Reactor)
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RELRandom Even Lengths (lumber)
RELRing Enhancing Lesion
RELRichland Energy Laboratory (Tri-Cities University Center)
RELReal Estate Law
RELRenewable Energy Law (various locations)
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Sherin Naz, Additional Collector, Jhelum has been posted as Additional Collector Chakwal vice Umar Jahangir relieved.
As the table shows, 29% of parents who are relieved summer vacation is over say it is because their children are bored and need something to do, while 26% say their children need to be learning and developing their educational skills.
The relieved die contours and the extruder head are shown in figure 10.
In typical guarantee arrangements, as well as situations involving recourse liabilities of a general or limited partnership, a partner may not be relieved from liability for state law purposes on the sale or redemption of an interest.
Semi-harmful pain is pain that is partially relieved by warm-up.
After three acupuncture therapies, she says, her father's symptoms were relieved.
Further, teaming the PCP with a new breed of well-trained and dedicated physician assistants and nurse practitioners will give the PCP more time to concentrate on the more difficult cases and to be relieved of the mundane.
The patient may then experience severe distress, which can be relieved with narcotics, but the narcotics may also hasten the patient's death by depressing respiration.
It is then retested, and any shift in harmonic frequency indicates stresses have been relieved.
Though your troublesome symptoms may be relieved by a change in dietary habits or appropriate exercises to increase muscle tone, your doctor may want to perform tests to ensure that your symptoms are not caused by abnormalities in your digestive tract.
To be included in the study, patients had to be above the age of 50, had their symptoms relieved by sitting or flexion and had to have completed at least six months of non-operative treatment such as analgesics, steroid injections or physical therapy.