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RELYReduced Extra-Low Voltage
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The RELY project aims to promote the use of renewable energy to improve lives and foster climate-change mitigation in poor and remote communities by energizing 16 off-grid public schools in Cebu, Bohol and Palawan through solar energy.
I must admit that the reason your professors told you that you should not rely on Wikipedia is because they wanted you to search the books and not rely on readymade information.
Eco-responsible production The first two grades within the Sabic Vestolen A Rely portfolio -- one designed for low sagging and the other engineered for high resistance to slow crack growth -- contribute to the eco-responsible production and use of pressure pipe.
"They rely on Dado Prso, who wasn't playing, to make things happen and Charlie Adam as well.
Well known price comparison sites seem to be jumping on the unbiased price comparison theme even though it is impossible for them to be unbiased because of the paid advertising they rely upon.
4942 purposes will be simplified if the foreign recipient has an IRS determination letter; it may rely on the Service's determination that the foreign organization is exempt under Sec.
"Because RFID's positive impacts on the insurance industry are second-order effects, the industry, with few exceptions, wouldn't likely be handing out RFID tags and readers, but will instead rely on other industries with first-order advantages.
While Republicans tout the whittling down of the national deficit by a potential $50 billion to $70 billion, minority congressional members argue it is being done at the expense of educational grants, which African Americans are more likely to rely upon than other races.
I also rely heavily on the materials posted on the course website and on students' expertise with online learning in my responses to individual student inquiries.
According to Simon, buildings that jump a generation of technology, from old-fashioned video tape recorders and closed-circuit security cameras to new network based systems that rely on hard drives to store camera footage the way a TiVo stores TV shows, are at a distinct advantage by skipping second generation technology such as DVRs.