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RMXRemix (music)
RMXReal Music Jukebox
RMXReverse Mx
RMXRealtime Multitasking Executive
RMXReady Mix, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
RMXRight Media Exchange (digital advertising)
RMXRockMan X (video game)
RMXRepublicaMX (Mexican sports website)
RMXReverse Mail eXchange
RMXRich Media Exchange (website hosting)
RMXRemote Mail Exchange
RMXRebel Music Xplicit (French record label)
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Fonsi also said it was Bieber who came up with the idea for the remix.
Evgeny Lachkanov, head of a project at SCC to develop experimental and industrial pilot production of dense fuel, said REMIX technology will enable Russia to achieve a closed nuclear fuel cycle and minimise the volume of radioactive waste it produces.
Remix OS also comes compatible with various keyboard shortcuts.
For Lessig, remix is not only a form of individual expression, it is a participatory mode of communication, one that marks a return to Jeffersonian ideals of democratic discourse.
There is also an a welcome return from Toddi and Basti as Knee Deep on the remix and boy is it some remix
The 21-year-old, former air-hostess, Rituu Sachdev who is the brain behind the entire concept of the remix video says, ""I have always been a great fan of Shakira and A R Rahman.
The journalist Peter Robinson (who writes for NME) tweeted back suggesting I remix them and that he'd get in contact with them.
The 3-D modeling software features 3-D remix capability that allows users to construct or remix 3-D scenes using models contributed by other users on the 3DVia.
The two members of Black Ghosts have unique perspectives on both sides of the remixing game--as a member of the Wiseguys, Theo Keating took on the likes of Beck, the Jungle Brothers and "The Macarena;" while former Simian leadsinger Simon Lord not only saw his chorus for "Never Be Alone" turned into a mantra via Justice's "We Are Your Friends," he became the modern equivalent to an anonymous house diva following the innumerable, unofficial remixes to the remix.
AFTER seeing Willy Russell's play Stags and Hens "the remix," I came to the conclusion that remix meant he'd put the F-word in 25 times since the original.
Singer and guitarist Tom Clarke will then choose the winning remix to feature on the B-side of the single.
Felix likes to sometimes turn the whole original track into one thing and then slow it down to like one bpm and then use that as the beginning of the remix.