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The renovation of the house was determined upon when Sir Pitt came to town in November to see his lawyers, and when he passed nearly a week in Curzon Street, under the roof of his affectionate brother and sister.
They were delighted with the renovation and decorations of their rooms; with the new drapery, and fresh carpets, and rich tinted china vases: they expressed their gratification ungrudgingly.
I at first with two fair gifts Created him endowd, with Happiness And Immortalitie: that fondly lost, This other serv'd but to eternize woe; Till I provided Death; so Death becomes His final remedie, and after Life Tri'd in sharp tribulation, and refin'd By Faith and faithful works, to second Life, Wak't in the renovation of the just, Resignes him up with Heav'n and Earth renewd.
Renovation of Village school in Shulginka, Luhansk region;
Jones Lang LaSalle secured senior debt and funding for the renovation of the hotel from Anglo Irish Bank.
Before the renovation, it was like an old lady who needed to be spruced up a little bit,'' said Rebecca Gilchrist, a retired entertainment publicist who for 26 years has lived two miles below in Los Feliz and was the first person to arrive Friday.
This cluster is associated with exposure to disturbed soil during a golf course renovation.
Get the word out about the construction or renovation early Through public forums and the media, communicate the project's scope, says Brad Paulsen, director of educational services for Wight & Company, a Darien, Ill.
2 million, while the number of renovation permits rose by nine from 83 in 2002.
Before the renovation, when you came through the front door you'd be hard pressed to get a glimpse of the water.
One particularly vocal group of people who don't like this ambitious project tags the renovation a "wreckovation.
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the magazine covers all issues of interest to faithful Catholics, but reflects Rose's training as an architect in its special emphasis on church design and renovation.