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REPRegistered Education Provider
REPRetail Electric Provider
REPReal Estate Professional
REPRepublicans for Environmental Protection
REPRoutledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
REPRepublikaner (German Conservative Party)
REPReal Estate Photographer
REPReasonable Expectation of Privacy (law)
REPRural Education Program (various locations)
REPReal Estate Partnership
REPRe-Entry Permit (immigration)
REPRural Electrification Programme (various locations)
REPRab Escort Protein
REPRace Equality Policy (various organizations)
REPReynolds Number
REPRenewable Energy Project (Nepal)
REPReplace Command
REPReply File
REPRegional Exchange Point
REPReport File
REPResidential Exchange Program (utility law)
REPRadiological Emergency Preparedness
REPRegistered Environmental Professional
REPResistive Exercise Products
REPRehabilitation Engineering Program (various organizations)
REPRe-Employment Program (Toronto, Canada)
REPRepose en Paix (French: Rest in Peace; band)
REPReal Estate Publisher
REPRegional Evacuation Plan (US FEMA)
REPRoentgen Equivalent Physical
REPRequirements Engineering Process
REPResearch Ethics Program (various schools)
REPRecreation Engineering and Planning (Boulder, CO)
REPRetail Energy Provider
REPResearcher Exchange Programme
REPReconnaissance de l'Expérience Professionnelle (French: Recognition of Professional Experience)
REPRaleigh Ensemble Players (Raleigh, NC)
REPRégiment Etranger Parachutiste (French: Parachute Infantry Regiment)
REPRelease Reuse Equivalency Principle
REPReserve Enlistment Program
REPRe-Entry Partnership (various locations)
REPRéseau Ecologique Paneuropéen (French: Pan-European Ecological Network)
REPRadioisotope Electric Propulsion
REPRecognised Environmental Picture (British Royal Navy tool)
REPRelativistic Electron Precipitation
REPRadio Emergency Patrol (NYPD)
REPRelativistic Effective Potential
REPReasonable Efforts Program
REPResonance Escape Probability
REPRange Error Probable
REPRealtek Echo Protocol
REPRegional Equalisation Plan (Australia)
REPRegional Evacuation Point
REPResidue Elimination Project
REPResidue Elimination Program
REPRéaction Extra-Pyramidale
REPRating to Economic Performance (HSBC stock valuation tool)
REPRadio-Electronic Protection
REPReinsurance Earned Premiums
REPRefined Engineering Prototype
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WOMAN POWER -- What better way of celebrating Women's Month than to have a woman, in the person of Pangasinan 4th District Rep.
In other words, once the lifter has reached the high end of the rep range, and assuming he has reached the point of momentary muscular fatigue (MMF), the spotter assists with the positive (raising) phase and the lifter lowers the load with control.
Once you make your selection, the next step is to sign the rep up, but don't use a boilerplate contract.
Assuming the rep has done his homework--set an appointment and made sure you have catalogs ahead of time--you have a responsibility to the rep and your store to be ready when he arrives.
Shows such as ITV's Club Reps have lifted the lid on the "sexploits" of reps abroad.
The main problem is that most foundrymen lack a clear understanding of how the rep functions, not realizing that he will have little chance of being successful without strong support from the foundry.
During the next few years, as REP presses began to carry more on board controls and closed-looped microprocessor monitoring hardware, the sought after system became more feasible.
Row 36 *P4, k4; rep from * to m, sl m, p3, **k4, p4; rep from ** to end.
Many coaches base all of the weight loads used in the exercises on a percentage of a one-rep maximum (1 RM) or an estimated one rep maximum (ERM), which is calculated from a maximal reps test (e.
FIXTURES September 2: Germany v Rep of Ireland' October 7: Cyprus v Rep of Ireland' October 11: Rep of Ireland v Czech Republic' November 15: Rep of Ireland v San Marino.
And, a good dealer can make an average sales rep look like a superstar.