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Cases were defined as acute endophthalmitis occurring among patients [less than or equal to] 14 days after they received intraocular injection with bevacizumab that had been repackaged at pharmacy A after December 18, 2012.
Physician dispensing of repackaged drugs, though not violating any laws, clearly evades workers compensation cost savings measures such as fee schedules and treatment guidelines," he said.
The pharmacy repackaged the Avastin from sterile injectable 100 mg/4 mL, single- use, preservative-free vials into individual 1 mL single-use syringes.
We offer a wide range of standard repackaged and rugged commercial off-the-shelf SGI products designed to operate reliably in demanding environments," said David Bosco, general manager, CRI.
5 tons of imported beef had been repackaged as domestic at the Ehime sales office.
New, eye-catching packaging has given the brand a contemporary look and in response to customer demand, Lactofil Supreme has been repackaged in a convenient new single unit, 10 litre pack size.
For example, hot dogs are cooked in their casings, then must be peeled and repackaged.
The group had pretty much peaked commercially, too, with only repackaged - and re-repackaged, and re-re-repackaged - collections of hits making an impression on the pop charts after that point.
DLJ repackaged the $160 million Gold PC into a Freddie Mac REMIC security with two classes, tailoring the mortgages' cash-flows to meet investor demand.
It has been repackaged and repositioned as a more male oriented drink.
Newly repackaged products include small electrics and gadgets, he said.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has released updated rating criteria for repackaged senior structured finance (SF) notes.