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Henry propped himself up on an elbow and looked to see his comrade standing among the dogs beside the replenished fire, his arms raised in objurgation, his face distorted with passion.
This fire blazed all night, and was amply replenished at daybreak; so that the towering pillar of smoke could not but be descried by the wanderers if within the distance of a day's journey.
The wine-bags also fell to my lot to carry, and throughout the day, after each drink, I replenished them secretly with water, so that at the next halt they were found fuller than before!
The senators are to be chosen for the period of six years; there is to be a rotation, by which the seats of a third part of them are to be vacated and replenished every two years; and no State is to be entitled to more than two senators; a quorum of the body is to consist of sixteen members.
Early in the morning, before she had risen, he cleared away the snow that obstructed her path to the milk-house, drew water from the well, and brought the wood from the outhouse, where, to his perpetual astonishment, he found his store always replenished by an invisible hand.
PS65, VITA MINERAL DAILY SUPPLEMENT MOISTURISING CREAM: A multi-active cream which replenishes the skin with moisture and vital nutrients.
'Meaning, the existing loans of the cooperative's members may be replenished by the bank to allow the cooperative maintain its liquidity, therefore, enable them to accommodate more loans from small farmers and micro entrepreneurs,' Wong said.
In order to provide customers with greater comfort, VTB Bank (Armenia) offers customers the chance to replenish their savings accounts automatically through its Periodic Payment Order service.
The aim of this project is to replenish ground water by harvesting rainwater for about 5,500 inhabitants of 25 villages covered by the project area.
According to the DBM, it is standard practice to replenish the fund in anticipation of forthcoming disasters or calamities.
CECFA shall request the governor to seek a state appropriation to replenish participating charter schools' bond reserves if the reserves fall below maximum annual debt service requirements, and the governor shall request a legislative appropriation to replenish the reserve.