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These last were of the finest cut glass, and of a very elegant form--entirely unlike the bottle found in the private repository, which was of the commonest manufacture, and of the shape ordinarily in use among chemists.
Or again he might have chanced on a model of all the virtues, or the repository of all knowledge, or anything equally harmless, conventional, and middle class.
Polonius, of Coventry Street, and that gentleman never applied for their restoration, but they retired into a little private repository, in an old desk, which Amelia Sedley had given her years and years ago, and in which Becky kept a number of useful and, perhaps, valuable things, about which her husband knew nothing.
Fanny opening her reticule, as they surveyed these things, produced from that repository a shilling and handed it to Uncle.
A carriage was hired from the Town Arms, for the accommodation of the Pickwickians, and a chariot was ordered from the same repository, for the purpose of conveying Mr.
I went; sought the repository he had mentioned, found the articles named, and returned with them.
Tulkinghorn is always the same speechless repository of noble confidences, so oddly but of place and yet so perfectly at home.
A night watchman named Fawcett states that between one and two o'clock he heard a slight noise in the neighborhood of the lower strong-room, used as a repository for the plate and other possessions of various customers of the bank.
When an individual donates a sample to the NIGMS Repository, they are providing scientists all over the world with the very valuable opportunity to learn more about their specific disease and how their specific genetic make-up influences the symptoms and behaviors associated with their diagnosis.
The simplest way to install some popular repositories is to go to in the Maemo browser where you will find simple to use install links which will automatically import the repository into your catalogue.
A software asset repository is a key part of any distributed software development environment.
So, when a patient or caregiver approaches you regarding leftover drugs, make sure to check your institution's policy on donated drugs and double check that they are in compliance with the state repository program.