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If we could, this year, exactly reproduce, in your case, the conditions as they existed last year, it is physiologically certain that we should arrive at exactly the same result.
The next step is to reproduce, as nearly as we can, the domestic circumstances which surrounded you last year.
But he persevered for months, at such times as he was able to come to the cabin, until at last by repeated experimenting he found a position in which to hold the pencil that best permitted him to guide and control it, so that at last he could roughly reproduce any of the little bugs.
They reproduce inside the microbe, and eventually their multitudinous descendants explode out of the host.
The AppSight Application Problem Resolution System optimizes the problem resolution process by automating the capture of all problem information -- eliminating the need to reproduce the problem and its environment -- and accelerates root cause analysis by removing the iterative trial and error steps inherent in manual approaches.
HIV constantly makes genetic changes as it reproduces.
The new findings, however, may help ecologists learn how sea lilies reproduce and disperse.
Photo: (Color only in AV edition) Piute Intermediate School student Aaron Sheinberg examines his acclaimed science project, which used household chemicals to reproduce crystals on rocks.
Researchers didn't even know whether the lab hybrids could reproduce sexually because a coral can take 7 years to mature.
That can explain how a branch of the family tree of life might bend toward, say, a capability to withstand drought or to reproduce earlier in the year.
When organisms reproduce sexually, one individual mixes its genes with the genes of another to produce a new, genetically unique offspring.
Pioneer's PureCinema(TM) progressive scan circuit faithfully reproduces the original film frames using 2:3 pull-down inverse telecine technology with a progressive display.