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In fact, the tenants didn't requalify and the owners didn't get the excess SCRIE because they didn't get the 3
The focal distance of the system allows contact-to-noncontact switching with standard 20 mm styli without moving the probe, thus avoiding the need to requalify.
Indeed, the funds had to be spent before the patient could requalify for Medicaid.
Print Select 2000 can be used in every database and can automatically requalify search terms to use in a different index.
Requalification Services - CCT is prepared to requalify the new RKN t2 to specific customer protocols.
Part of the consideration is how the society can devise frameworks that will help make routes into the profession easier for different groups, including those who seek to requalify.
A judge who has attended the "Handling Capital Cases" course and who has not taken the "Capital Case Refresher" course within three years must requalify to preside over a capital case by attending the refresher course.
Of course it is our ambition to requalify for Europe and we will not settle for anything less," said McClaren (pictured above).
Bees skipper Billy Hamill produced his best performance of the year to finish third on the rostum behind Rickardsson and Tomasz Gollob, and like ex-Bees colleague Greg Hancock, he is now guaranteed to finish in the top 10 who requalify for the 2003 series.
He noted that all tenants will be free to move from one home to another without having to requalify.
During 2008, the Company determined that it no longer held 40%+ of its total assets in investment securities, and as such, could requalify as a registrant under the "1934 Act.