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However, if electricity does not furnish me with air to breathe, it works at least the powerful pumps that are stored in spacious reservoirs, and which enable me to prolong at need, and as long as I will, my stay in the depths of the sea.
To keep it from filling above a certain level we have four great pumping stations that force the oversupply back into the reservoirs far north from which the red men draw the water which irrigates their farm lands.
In one instance, some nine hundred years before, the first great battle ship to be built with eighth ray reservoirs was stored with too great a quantity of the rays and she had sailed up from Helium with five hundred officers and men, never to return.
Drones are being tested currently at Derwent Reservoir to assess their suitability for inspection purposes | 47.
Mangla Reservoir lies in the active seismic environment of Himalaya's tectonics.
It has been a decade since Maxine Johnson lost her 15-year-old son, Reuben Morgan, after he drown at Pontsticill Reservoir, near Merthyr Tydfil in 2006.
The new Cyclone Hydraulics Reservoirs are noteworthy because they are so much smaller than the traditional Reservoir," says Terry Glidden, managing director at Price Engineering.
In April 2013, LCRA awarded CH2M HILL a contract for the design of the reservoir and pump station, as well as the rehabilitation and upgrade of the intakes, along with associated conveyance to and from the reservoir.
At Wachusett Reservoir, fishing is allowed from shore over more than two-thirds of the reservoir with access through Gates 6-35 and the Thomas Basin area.
The owner of Cupwith Reservoir is seeking consent for the discontinuation of the reservoir by reduction in its capacity.
The fireworks and access prohibition includes the entire surface of the reservoir at Lawrence Street and West 25th Avenue.
In a report prepared by Dr Hughes for reservoir owner Western Power Distribution, Dr Hughes made an absurd suggestion to empty the reservoir to inspect a valve.