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RSINReset Input
RSINRural Stress Information Network (Stoneleigh Park, England, UK)
RSINRevised Speech and Noise Test (audiology)
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if there are 10 starting states and 1 reset input candidate which switch the system from all 10 starting states into a single fixed state, it might do the same for 100, 1000, 10'000 (and so on) starting states.
It can be reset to zero by asserting a high on reset input. It can be enable and disable by setting enable to '1' or '0' respectively.
Many of the parts, such as the STM706, have a Manual Reset Input. The STM802, like most of the others, includes a Battery Switchover circuit which can be used to battery back other components in the system.
Options include RS485 serial communication, dual setpoint, remote setpoint, remote reset input and 24 VAC/DC power supply.