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RESRADResidual Radiation (environmental analysis)
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0.005 mSv annual exposure from residual radiation from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.
These controls received some radiation from the bombs, and many went into the bombed areas while residual radiation was high.
The International Atomic Energy Agency has recommended that the highest planned residual radiation over one year be in the range of 20 to 100 millisieverts in an emergency.
(KINS) said residual radiation detection gates have been set up at Incheon and
George Gamow realised that if there had been a Big Bang then there must still be residual radiation left from the enormous heat when the Universe was born.
residual radiation or ozone and therefore provide a completely safe and environmentally friendly solution for hygiene sensitive businesses.
Residual radiation would have remained in the air and soil, even after a long period of time after the explosion.