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Only 57 completed the post-void residual urine estimation, which was to look for diabetic cystopathy.
35) In addition, the supplemented patients had significantly less residual urine in their bladders after voiding and in the measured diameter of their prostate glands by ultrasound.
Another reason of urinary tract infection is residual urine in patients with a diagnosis of urination disorder.
The final inclusion criteria were; refractory retention of urine, severe IPSS (19-35), prostate apparently benign on DRE and on ultrasonography post-voiding residual urine more than 100ml.
15), (19), (24), (25) However, the requirement for CISC has been shown to differ in patients with and without neurologic diseases according to the presence of high residual urine in the augmented bladder.
The dependent variable was the value of bladder outlet obstruction index >4o (urodynamic obstruction), while independent variables were: prostate volume, Qmax, mean voided volume, BOON, age, International Prostate Symptom Score and residual urine.
Presence and volume of residual urine was defined right after the urination act.
337 VV = voided volume; IPSS = international prostate symptom score; VPSS = visual prostate symptom score; Qmax = maximum urinary flow rate; Qave = average urinary flow rate; PVR = post-void residual urine volume.
DHEA treatment had no effect on mean serum values for PSA or testosterone, or on the mean postvoid residual urine volume.
Urologic-specific tests include postvoid residual urine volume measurement, urine culture after prostate massage, urinary flow rate, urodynamic testing, and cystoscopy, but Dr.
Physical examination, International Prostate Symptom Score, quality of life (QoL), five-item version of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5), basic clinical chemistry parameters, haematology, Se, testosterone, PSA (free and total), C-re-active protein (CRP), antioxidant status, transrectal ultrasound prostate volume, urinary flow rate, ultrasound-estimated post-void residual urine volume at baseline, and at 3 and 6 months, and urine ex vivo anti-adherence activity were determined in all subjects.
Residual urine decreased from 332 to 31 milliliters, and urinary-tract infections became negligible.