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RESGRequirements Engineering Specialist Group (British Computer Society; UK)
RESGReal Estate Services Group (various locations)
RESGRepresentante Especial del Secretario General (Spanish: Special Representative of the Secretary-General; UN)
RESGResearch Engineering Standing Group (US DoD)
RESGReal Estate Solutions Group (various locations)
RESGRenewable Energy Sub-Group (Australia and UK)
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"Not for me ," cried Porthos; "I am not by any means resigned."
I am not resigned; I am not sure that life is long enough to learn that lesson.
She resigned Mirabel to Emily--in the happy belief that she had paved the way for a misunderstanding between them.
Josiah Graves thereupon resigned all his offices, and that very evening sent to the church for his cassock and surplice.
Moreover, his hand was tolerably free; he stopped up his nose and resigned himself.
'It is true that I have resigned. I am going to take care of my family,' she said.
He said the members have resigned voluntarily and they wanted their resignations to be immediately accepted.
The member of Sheker village council of Kara-Buura district Kanat Chomotoyev resigned ahead of schedule and his mandate was given to Iliyas Eshimbekov.
All Muslim Ministers resigned from their portfolios in the Government earlier this month.
He said they resigned en masse after realising that they were not welcomed in the BDP.
Asked why he resigned from the broadsheet, Salvosa said he did not agree to the publication of the story about the supposed matrix that linked journalists and lawyers to the purported ouster plot against Duterte.
I did not know that he resigned. To him, everything is settled.