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RESPECTResponsibility, Etiquette, Sensitivity, Pace, Educate, Conditions and Tradition (Junior Golfer's Creed)
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Uncle Sam's gold -- meaning no disrespect to the worthy old gentleman -- has, in this respect, a quality of enchantment like that of the devil's wages.
If this remark be just, it becomes useful to inquire whether so many JUST causes of war are likely to be given by UNITED AMERICA as by DISUNITED America; for if it should turn out that United America will probably give the fewest, then it will follow that in this respect the Union tends most to preserve the people in a state of peace with other nations.
In rejecting them altogether, the Constitution would, in this respect, have followed the very laws which have been appealed to as the proper guide.
They differ, however, from one: another in three respects,--the medium, the objects, the manner or mode of imitation, being in each case distinct.
But of course that is because I do not respect myself.
He spoke upon all subjects except the sciences, alleging in this respect the inveterate hatred he had borne to scholars from his childhood.
A man may go on slaving and slaving in the public service, and earn the respect of his superiors (for what it is worth), and then, for no visible reason at all, find himself made a fool of.
It is used, moreover, with regard to apparel, a man being said to 'have' a coat or tunic; or in respect of something which we have on a part of ourselves, as a ring on the hand: or in respect of something which is a part of us, as hand or foot.
You will find her manners beyond anything I can describe; and your wit and vivacity, I think, must be acceptable to her, especially when tempered with the silence and respect which her rank will inevitably excite.
It will be my wish to be looked on by all my deserving tenants as their best friend, and nothing would make me so happy as to be able to respect every man on the estate, and to be respected by him in return.
In this respect, as compared with natural daylight, there is the same difference as between truth and falsehood, but if the reader have ever travelled through the dark Valley, he will have learned to be thankful for any light that he could get--if not from the sky above, then from the blasted soil beneath.
As Solomon saith, To respect persons is not good; for such a man will transgress for a piece of bread.