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RESPECTRefugee Education Sponsorship Program Enhancing Communities Together (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
RESPECTRe-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Tradeworkers Act
RESPECTRespect Equality Socialism Peace Environment Community Trade Unionism
RESPECTRisk Evaluation and Stroke Prevention in the Elderly Cerivastatin Trial
RESPECTResponsibility, Etiquette, Sensitivity, Pace, Educate, Conditions and Tradition (Junior Golfer's Creed)
RESPECTRotorcraft Efficient and Safe Procedures for Critical Trajectories (project)
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Respect kids enough to know they understand the issue.
It's said that if you don't respect yourself, it'll be more difficult for you to respect others.
It should be noted here that Sadqa-e-Fitr fixed last year and year before that, with respect to wheat was Rs 100 also.
As Mackenzie (2011) explains, respect is the "social lubricant" that allows cross-cultural communications to flow smoothly between people from much different cultures.
Though the definition of respect may vary, it usually centers on character, experience, and ethics.
The tragic history of residential schools certainly includes a lack of "recognition respect.
Malky has the respect of all Cardiff fans because, in return, he respects us, appreciating the importance of our support.
Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has shown a dangerous lack of respect to Tottenham by ruling them out of the title race, while the FA's Respect campaign has never been shown enough respect to get rolling.
Unless we want the wanton violence of last Friday repeated again tonight cool heads and respect for each other must prevail.
Let's ask them to respect the local resident's wishes and respect our "Green and Pleasant Land".
When I am dealing with my kids, I ask myself how I can maintain mutual respect between us.
We often forget we are a species with thinking brains and not animals, though even certain animals live by a form of respect.