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RESPRegistered Education Savings Plan (Canada)
RESPRespektive (Sweden: respectively)
RESPRéseau des Écoles de Service Public (French: Network of Schools of Public Service)
RESPRestrained Electrostatic Potential
RESPRespironics, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
RESPRespektievelijk (Dutch: respectively)
RESPRemote Expeditionary Support Package
RESPRubinetterie Enrico Soldà Pogno (Italian plumbing company)
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Although the device doesn't yet work automatically, the researchers demonstrated through in vitro and in vivo experiments that the setup successfully detects a low respiration rate from EKG signals and delivers naloxone.
The study finding that breathing effects changes in brain chemistry goes a long way toward supporting claims of yoga practitioners about how regulation of respiration benefits the mind, reducing stress and improving cognition and attention."
Then, in the presence of TB drugs, that increased respiration will lead to rapid death
For example, Dillaway and Kruger [19] reported a strong correlation between warm respiration ([R.sub.30]; respiration at 30[degrees]C) and mass-based photosynthesis, while cool respiration (i.e., 20[degrees]C) appeared to be a function of leaf nitrogen concentration ([N]).
In order to investigate the effect of CoQ10 on the mitochondrial respiration parameters in epidermis, we applied an ubiquinol formulation (QuinoMit Q10 fluid; MSE Pharmazeutika GmbH, Bad Homburg, Germany).
To overcome the disadvantage of the wearable devices, recently, researchers started investigating noncontact respiration monitoring methods.
Soil respiration is the most important component of terrestrial carbon cycle that occurs in terrestrial ecosystems.
For scientists who want to unravel the ocean's complexities, however, "measuring photosynthesis and respiration in the ocean has been notoriously difficult," said Benjamin Van Mooy, a marine chemist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
The aim of this study was to compare the effect of single and multiple additions of residues differing in decomposability on the response of soil respiration to salinity.