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RALKRumah Amal Limpahan Kasih (Malaysian welfare organization)
RALKRespiratory Alkalosis
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The hypothesis of this study was that a short-term supranutritional amount of VE (200 IU/kg) supplementation may mitigate impacts of HS on physiological responses, respiratory alkalosis and oxidative stress in pigs.
UCD should be kept in mind in our country, where consanguineous marriages are frequently encountered, in cases normal at birth but showing rapid progressive clinical deterioration, accompanied by convulsions and neurological findings, especially respiratory alkalosis in blood gas.
In conclusion, the mechanism of progesterone-induced increased sensitivity of respiratory center due to estrogen-primed progesterone receptors in respiratory center results in respiratory alkalosis.
Biochemical analysis in the patient revealed hyperammonemia (138.1 [micro]mol/L, normal value: 27.2-102 [micro]mol/L), which was persistent, with partially compensated respiratory alkalosis. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) measurement of serum amino acids revealed high levels of glycine (559mmol/L; normal value up to 426 [micro]mol/L), alanine (1090 [micro]mol/L; normal value up to 474 [micro]mol/L), ornithine (132 [micro]mol/L; normal value up to 130 [micro]mol/L), and glutamine (1464 [micro]mol/L; normal value up to 426 [micro]mol/L) and revealed lower plasma levels of citrulline (4 [micro]mol/L; normal value: 9-38) and a higher urine orotic acid at 4.7 mmol/mol and creatinine (normal value: 1.0-3.2 mmol/mol creatinine).
This suggested the presence of respiratory alkalosis. At the same time, the ratio of [DELTA] anion gap to [DELTA] HC[O.sub.3] was > 1, which suggested the presence of metabolic alkalosis caused by repeated vomiting.
This could also explain why the dog did not respond to our initial treatment, which resulted in hyperventilation and respiratory alkalosis, as confirmed by arterial blood gas analysis.
Arterial blood gas was suggestive of combined metabolic acidosis (high anion gap) and respiratory alkalosis. Ultrasonographic scan of the abdomen revealed normal sized kidneys with grade two renal parenchymal changes.
Acidic Urine Causes: Alkaline Urine Causes: * Diet high in protein or * Vegetarian, low- cranberries carbohydrate diet * Metabolic acidosis as a * Metabolic alkalosis as a result of starvation or result of gastric lavage or severe diarrhea excessive vomiting * Respiratory acidosis as a * Respiratory alkalosis as a result of COPD or result of hyperventilation emphysema * Renal Disease or chronic * Renal infection with kidney disease; infection Proteus or Pseudomonas with E coli spp.
Arterial blood gas analysis showed severe hypoxemia and respiratory alkalosis (pH = 7.5, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pC[O.sub.2])--31 mm Hg, partial pressure of oxygene ([pO.sub.2])--39 mm Hg, bicarbonate (HC[O.sub.3.sup.-])--25.5 mmol/l) so, oxygen supplementation was started.
* PaC[O.sub.2] lower than 35 mmHg indicates respiratory alkalosis, and PaC[O.sub.2] greater than 45 mmHg indicates respiratory acidosis (reference range between 35 and 45 mmHg).
Delta bicarbonate was calculated to unmask the superimposition of respiratory alkalosis or acidosis with metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis.
It's known that hypocapnia and respiratory alkalosis are almost immediate effects of hyperventilation, they lead to ischemia and hypoxia of the central nervous system (19).