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RERRéseau Express Régional (French commuter rail in Paris)
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RERRespiratory Exchange Ratio
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RERRespiratory Exchange Rate
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RERRepair Effectiveness Rating
RERRemote Read-Out
RERRadio Expenditure Report
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Values are the 6 min averages of the Fatmax stage and given as the mean [+ or -] SEM Variables Fatmax stage Fat oxidation rate, g/min 0.32 [+ or -] 0.02 Carbohydrate oxidation rate, g/min 0.66 [+ or -] 0.06 Contribution of fat to energy production, % 57.68 [+ or -] 2.38 Contribution of carbohydrates to energy 42.32 [+ or -] 2.38 production, % Exercise intensity, % [??][O.sub.2peak] 39.81 [+ or -] 1.17 Heart rate, bpm 106 [+ or -] 3 Respiratory exchange ratio 0.83 [+ or -] 0.01 Energy expenditure, kcal/h 330.7 [+ or -] 13.6 Speed, km/h 4.51 [+ or -] 0.13 Table 3.
SD: Standard deviation, RER: Respiratory exchange ratio, CE: Cycle ergometer, TM: Treadmill
Value of respiratory exchange ratio was also comparable between the groups.
(1997) examined the influence of verbal encouragement during assessment of maximal oxygen uptake and concluded that verbal encouragement increased the treadmill time, V[O.sub.2max] (8,7%), and respiratory exchange ratio in Jenkins Activity Survey's type B people (creative), while there were no influences on type A (ward working).
Descriptive statistics included calculation of mean values for subjects VO2 max, VCO/VO values, the duration of the test, the maximal pulmonary ventilation (VE), the maximal heart rate (HR), and the respiratory exchange ratio (RER).
RER: respiratory exchange ratio; RPE: ratings of perceived exertion; [??][O.sub.2]: oxygen consumption; [??]C[O.sub.2]: carbon dioxide production.
Respiratory exchange ratio (RER) is defined as the CO2 production divided by the O2 consumption.
TABLE 1: CALORIE EQUIVALENCE OF THE RESPIRATORY RATIO AND %KCAL FROM CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS Energy %kcal Respiratory Exchange Ratio Kcal L [0.sub.2] Carbohydrates Fats 0.71 4.69 0 100 0.75 4.74 15.6 84.4 0.80 4.80 33.4 66.6 0.85 4.86 50.7 49.3 0.90 4.92 67.5 32.5 0.95 4.99 84.0 16.0 1.00 5.05 100.0 0 Source: Wilmore and Costill, 1994 Figure 1.
After the tests, collected data were used to calculate minute by minute power, VO2 both as L/min and normalized for body weight, VC[O.sub.2], and respiratory exchange ratio (RER).
Their respiratory exchange ratio dropped as well, indicating energy production during peak exercise was not up to snuff.
The trial compared oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide output, respiratory exchange ratio, HR, rating of perceived exertion, and affect between two LV-HIIT protocols with different work-recovery durations (i.e.
The test was completed when (a) respiratory exchange ratio (RER) gain was >1.1 according to changes of VC[O.sub.2]/V[O.sub.2] on screen, (b) the HR of >185, and (c) the announcement of exhaustive case.
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