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R&RRock and Roll (music)
R&RRest & Relaxation
R&RRules and Regulations
R&RResource and Referral
R&RRead and Review
R&RRum and Raspberry (drink)
R&RRate and Review
R&RRescue & Recovery
R&RRest and Recuperation
R&RRead & Review
R&RReverse and Repeat
R&RRadio & Records, Inc
R&RRomney and Ryan (political shorthand)
R&RRepeatability and Reproducibility
R&RRescue and Recovery
R&RRemoval and Reinstallation
R&RRepair and Return
R&RRecruitment & Retention (human resources)
R&RRelief and Rehabilitation
R&RRevise & Resubmit (publishing)
R&RResettlement and Rehabilitation (India)
R&RRendezvous and Recovery (spacecraft)
R&RRemove & Replace
R&RRepair and Replace
R&RReward and Recognition (human resources)
R&RRefuse & Resist! (non-partisan, national membership organization)
R&RRun and Rate (process assessment)
R&RRemove and Reinstall (computer software)
R&RRepairs and Restoration (various organizations)
R&RRest & Recreation
R&RRest & Recuperation
R&RResponse & Recovery (FEMA)
R&RRetention and Release (NASA)
R&RRepair & Return
R&RRepeatability and Reliability (statistical analysis)
R&RRoles and Responsibility
R&RRead & Relax
R&RRefit and Repair
R&RRefuse Routine
R&RRock and Rye (bar drink)
R&RReceiving and Release (prisons)
R&RRepair & Renewal
R&RResearch & Reconnaissance
R&RRemoval and Reassembly
R&RRest & Romance
R&RReview and Revalidation
R&RRebutted and Rejointed (roofing shingles)
R&RReefer & Relaxation
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Visits are being restricted to evening and weekends so that patients can get full rest and recuperation.
Nursing care will be available to her at Sandringham so she can continue with rest and recuperation.
He had a pretty tough time over here unfortunately, as he also managed to get chicken pox during the season, so he'll be glad to be getting some rest and recuperation.
He is expected to begin training at RAF Wattisham in Suffolk, after a month's rest and recuperation.
Despite having just reached the end of two and a half years of gruelling chemotherapy, a well-earned period of rest and recuperation is the last thing on the brave little tot's mind.
This small, charming town, surrounded by hop fields, provided a place of rest and recuperation for the soldiers.
They will then spend a couple of days of rest and recuperation in Newquay before heading back to base.
Around 42 children from the rest and recuperation programme joined 19 adopted children from Belarus for a festive treat at Aras an Uachtarain.
Foreign Minister Micheal Martin said he was delighted children affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster can continue to travel freely for rest and recuperation visits.