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RETINARealtime Traffic Navigation System
RETINARelevant Transformation of the Inputs Network Approach
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Meanwhile, Apple introduced the iPad Mini including a Retina display in October.
Presently, Dr Pollack serves as the co-founding editor of the annual ASRS Preferences and Trends (PAT) Survey which is the largest international survey of medical and surgical trends in retina, as well as co-founder of The Winning Pitch Challenge, a medical competition that encourages and supports innovation in ophthalmology.
As a result, injury to the retina often leads to permanent vision loss.
On examination, we found that her retina - the layer at the back of the eyeball which sends messages to the brain to form a visual image - had detached, with several retinal breaks, This separated the retinal cells from the layer of blood vessels that provides oxygen and nourishment and was the main cause of the blindness.
The retina at the back of the eye contains many types of cell, including the retinal neurons that process visual images and help us to see, and support cells called glial cells.
Researchers in Germany now have another efficient way to make 3-D retina organoids that mimic the organ's tissue organization, from mouse or human stem cells.
This is a practice model that RCA has instituted in order to provide patients living throughout the state to have access to the best retina care available.
With our gorgeous new Retina displays, more powerful processors and graphics and all-new Magic accessories, the new iMac continues to redefine the ultimate desktop experience.
The PRS aims to raise awareness but also to promote actions against degenerative diseases that cause blindness, under the coordination of Retina International.
The rumoured announcement of the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air is expected to be held around the time of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June next year.