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REUResearch Experience for Undergraduates
REUReunion (ISO Country code)
REURedding Electric Utility (California)
REURam Expansion Unit
REUReservation and Execution Unit
REURegional Office for Europe
REUResidential Equivalent Unit
REUResearch Evaluation Unit (various locations)
REURenewable Energies Unit (EU)
REUReus, Spain - Reus (Airport Code)
REURAID Expansion Unit (hardware description)
REURadar Electronics Unit (developed by Lockheed Martin)
REURemote Emitter Unit
REURadio Electronics Unit
REURated Exposure Unit
References in classic literature ?
When he closed his eyes in sleep it was to dream of a happy reunion with those at home.
The barometer, as in 1860 at Reunion during a cyclone, fell seven-tenths at the close of day.
While D'Artagnan was running through the streets and knocking at doors, Aramis had joined his companions; so that on returning him D'Artagnan found the reunion complete.
Athos, with his superior understanding, wisely deemed that the supper table would be the most complete and satisfactory point of reunion, and at the moment when his friends, in deference to his deportment and sobriety, dared scarcely speak of some of their former good dinners, he was the first to propose that they should all assemble around some well spread table and abandon themselves unreservedly to their own natural character and manners -- a freedom which had formerly contributed so much to that good understanding between them which gave them the name of the inseparables.
And I do take leave, longing for a happy reunion, and trusting that when we meet again, it will be under circumstances which may open our hearts to each other without any remnant or shadow of reserve."
If so, we should read once more, and advise our readers to read, the profoundly thought and delicately felt chapter--chapter forty-three in her third volume--in which she describes the final spiritual reunion, on a basis of honestly diverse opinion, of the husband and wife.
So lost were we in the ecstasy of reunion that neither of us--to this day--can tell what became of the tarag.
At Crawley's charming little reunions of an evening this fatal amusement commonly was practised--much to good- natured little Mrs.
at the reunion grounds today for those participating.
The evening will double up as a 60th birthday bash, as well as a school reunion, at the Lodge.
The statement came after he asked his followers if they were victimized by a scam promising a VIP ticket for a supposed Eraserheads reunion concert.
Those reunion centres located across the country have not been used for more than a decade since the two Koreas held their latest video reunions in 2007.