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REVEALSRegional Estimates of Vegetation Abundance from Large Sites
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But the artistic temperament that they create, or at any rate reveal, is still more to me.
And bow strange it was that, instead of having been forced to reveal his own secret, he had succeeded, almost by chance, in wresting a secret from his friend
As against the view that introspection reveals a mental world radically different from sensations, I propose to argue that thoughts, beliefs, desires, pleasures, pains and emotions are all built up out of sensations and images alone, and that there is reason to think that images do not differ from sensations in their intrinsic character.
The first is as to how far it is trustworthy; the second is as to whether, even granting that it reveals no radically different STUFF from that revealed by what might be called external perception, it may not reveal different RELATIONS, and thus acquire almost as much importance as is traditionally assigned to it.
They stood in the noon of that strange and solemn splendour, as if it were the light that is to reveal all secrets, and the daybreak that shall unite all who belong to one another.
d'Avrigny, which he now examined so closely; it was doubtless a miracle from heaven, that, notwithstanding her precautions, there should be some trace, some proof remaining to reveal the crime.
interpersonal intelligence in which a pupil best reveals accomplishments through committee work or in small group settings;
Radar reveals buried objects by comparing their density or electrical differences with those of surrounding material.
In Jewish legend, King Solomon is reputed to have built a glass palace in order to reveal whether the visiting Queen of Sheba was a real woman, or, as suspected, a genie.
There are high expectations that "molecular signatures" will become useful as biomarkers of exposure, early effect, and differential susceptibility and reveal targets for new drugs.
What will strike many readers, however, is what the material collected here reveals about how much Dunbar seems to have enjoyed literary activity.
These are large-format works, destined to hang framed on a wall, preferably in a museum; their subject matter--including such weighty symbolist images as skulls, flowers, young babies floating in glowing pools, swirls of evanescent smoke--also reveal their author's ambition.