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In the unstructured proformas the reviewer was required to assess the manuscript as a whole.
As I have become increasingly familiar with peer review publication, I have become more convinced over time that the true purpose of peer review is being missed by many reviewers and authors and, sometimes, even by editors.
At recent events, I wanted to hear from publishing representatives; the common recognised response was someone who pretends to be a peer reviewer when they are not.
Whether the reviewer is simply trying to keep their negative review at the top of the feed or are updating the thread by adding our previous responses as further so-called "evidence" of what they perceive to be our fault, we weigh the risks and benefits of ending the cycle.
Despite the variety in tenor and opinion in reviewer response, reviewers' intentions are generally admirable: to help writers produce pieces that will benefit the larger disciplinary community An insightful review is an invaluable commodity Writing is made easier with assistance from others in refining ideas, identifying relevant sources, assessing audience needs, tightening organization, and making wise stylistic and editing decisions.
"Thank you, will be back!" 5 Fifty Bistro, Aigburth Road Reviewer BrianTaylor, said: "I've been around this industry one way or another for over 30 years.
Too often you will receive a quick review from your first or second invited reviewer and then wait weeks for a late review by the sixth (alternate) reviewer who was not even invited to review the manuscript until well after the first review was complete.
Setting up Peer Review system and maintaining Reviewers Data Base.
A couple of netizens could relate to using reviewers.
I also want to encourage readers with clinical or research expertise to consider becoming peer reviewers.
Incentivized reviews, though completely dependant on the reviewers opinion could be either negative or positive.