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If we feel factual basis is no longer there, we can also revoke.
Salahuddin Tirmizi said India can neither fight of war with Pakistan nor it can revoke Indus Water Treaty unilaterally.
This was further to the TRA notice published on August 21 in the Official Gazette and on its website, whereby it informed all stakeholders of its intention to revoke the licences, asking for comments on the proposed revocation.
On other hand a leader of opponent group Malik Shahid Jamil Advocate said that the decision to revoke the election was illegal and not based on justice because it was made by the only two members of the KPK Bar Council who are already against the newly elected body of the Ghazi Bar Association.
In August the European Union Foreign Affairs Council decided to revoke all export licenses for any equipment that could be "used for internal repression" in Egypt.
BEIRUT: Kataeb (Phalange) MP Elie Marouni denounced Tuesday a recent government decision to revoke Lebanese citizenship from some Syriac families in the eastern city of Zahle, calling on President Michel Sleiman to annul this decision.
Halesowen magistrates upheld a Dudley Council decision to revoke Abdul Ghafoor's private hire licence over his second plying for hire offence last month.
There are also those who mourn the existence of the state, and there should be a way to revoke their citizenship.
Tuesday to revoke immunity of MPS Mohammad Hayef, Msallam Al-Barrak, and
Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, affirmed that, "Election Law, enacted by Parliament, lacks the constitutional base, especially its First Article, that made me revoke it according to my responsibility being member of the Presidency Council that is in charge of implementing the Constitution.
In between, Congress leaders had taken a decision to revoke the suspension of Rane unanimously.
If satisfied there is an impairment they'll revoke a licence until its holder is free of drugs for at least a year.